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The following article by David Bancroft, president of FOCUS Associates, cannot be reproduced or used in any part without the expressed permission of the author.

By David Bancroft -- January 10, 2000

It is time to knock on the door again about the importance of a business site’s content to maintain prospective customers’ interest and to entice existing customers to return.  And with the ability of most web savvy users to economically access the Internet with cable or DSL as they become available in a respective area, getting the right message to the target audience should not be clouded or conflicted by the itch to use more glitz.

Flash and other site presentation enriching attributes should be strategically incorporated to support the message of the products and/or services that are offered.  Also, an alternative non-enriched version needs to be offered for those visitors who have slower Internet connections.  Some may also experience crashing because of the lack of RAM.  


David Bancroft, president of F0CUS Associates (business and marketing consulting)

Even too much Java has caused crashing, which is a quick way to create a negative impression from the visitor.  (Remember when LookSmart’s site was “very” Java.  It was like watching snails race . . . Getting nowhere slowly.)

The key to having a chance in succeeding with a commercial site is how well you present what is being offered by description, features, and benefits.  This means content!  The site’s design / presentation needs to revolve around these elements. 

One particular good use of “glitz” is with offering specials and other incentives to attract immediate purchase and revisits.  However, it should not be overdone and should lead the target audience to more detailed information.

Never forget that well-written content is required to develop perceived value.  Glitz should reinforce it.  Oh, yeah pictures of products and testimonials of services used can only help if done right.

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David G. Bancroft

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