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Here are marketing and internet related articles by David Bancroft, president of FOCUS Associates.

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David Bancroft, President of FOCUS Associates
David Bancroft

  • Broadband - A No Brainer!
    "Here you sit at your PC . . . staring at its screen waiting for your dial-up service to answer the ring . . . Then a miracle occurs for those who try broadband access like cable or DSL.  They find that there is no waiting for dial-up answering and password verification or the busy signal and occasional disconnect . . ."

  • Content Over Glitz!
    "It is time to knock on the door again about the importance of a business site’s content to maintain prospective customers’ interest and to entice existing customers to return . . ."

  • Developing A Web Site:  Content, Message, and Audience – Marketing!
    "However, it would not surprise me that the majority of internet business veterans and novices do not fully comprehend the significance of approaching the development of a web site for their business the same way
    . . ."

  • Free Hosting Services - Not Commercially Smart!
    "And while the web site's design may be passable to excellent, I find this slip-shod approach to pursuing online business very unwise and marketing inept.  It is an automatic signal . . ."

  • Listen To Your Visitors!
    "It is very wrong to approach marketing a product or service with the attitude that "I" know what is best for my intended customers.  A philosophy of this nature can cause considerable problems, because . . ."

  • Make It Visitor Friendly!
    "Remember . . . never assume your target audience is made up of technical wizards or mind readers who just love a challenge to figure out what a site is really all about."

  • Networking - A Marketing Must!
    "We all should know what networking means when it comes to finding a new career.  Well, the same rules apply to using networking as a marketing tool for a small business, especially one that offers services . . ."

  • Perception - It Really Counts!
    "Having the perception of being good or offering a better whatever can make a significant difference when it comes to converting a prospect into an account."

  • Procrastination - Marketing's Enemy!
    "As a marketer, businessman, and consultant, I do not know what is more frustrating than the above word and its respective definition when the facts are known, the plan is developed, and there is financial ability to implement."

  • Profit - It is the Bottom-line!
    "Even Internet IPO success stories . . . like Amazon.com will be short lived, if profitability is not achieved before investors’ patience become critical.  The stock price can go just so high if there is not the means to pay dividends."

  • Promote A Site with Little (or No!) Money
    "Are you one of the many small business owners who constantly wrestles with where, how, and when as it relates to prioritizing your limited financial resources relative to overwhelming needs?  And now you have just invested in the development of a web site with little or no budget left to promote it."

  • Scroll or Squint! - What is Best?
    "An effective presentation includes having the written word in a font and size that is easy for all individuals to read at a relative comfort level.   It should be more important to allow visitors an easy read than squeezing information"

  • Things NOT To Do With A Commercial Site!
    "Here I am sitting approximately two feet from my 15" state of the art monitor, using the medium font size of my browser at 800 x 600 resolution and find myself leaning forward to read many of the commercial web sites that I visit in my travels of the Internet."