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Sales Force ... Developing The Troops!

The next step in sales department growth requires:

  • Admitting you . . . cannot handle everything!
  • Delegating authority . . . with responsibility
  • Letting people . . . do their job!
  • Motivating, training, and guiding!
A newly formed business relies heavily on its principals as its key salespeople unless it is well-funded from the start. As it grows in revenues and in geographic coverage, the need to add sales personnel and management is a normal progression.

However, how a company develops the sales force can determine its effectiveness to optimize sales and develop a loyal customer base.
  • The saying, "a good salesman does not necessarily make a good manager and a good manager does not necessarily make a good salesman" . . . is an absolute truth!
  • Many companies make the mistake of promoting good salespeople into a "Peter Principle" situation where everyone suffers.
  • It could very well be the average salesperson who offers the best in management qualities.
How you answer the following questions should give you a good idea if and/or what must by done to safeguard / maintain business growth.
  • Do you have time in the day to . . . handle all your responsibilities and manage sales?
  • Is your company maximizing sales geographically?
  • Do your manager(s) supervise too many salespeople and/or reps?
  • What do you want to accomplish and what will it take from the sales department?
  • What are your customers saying and/or asking?
  • What about those prospects that you want to convert?
How more effective can your sales department be?

FOCUS Associates is here to assist you!